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Elementary Program

​The Montessori Elementary Program has been designed to provide the necessary elements for a successful development. We recognize that this is a period of intense intellectual and physical growth. Students transitioning from our early childhood program already possess a wealth of experiences with materials and activities that have prepared them to understand concepts logically. This process naturally equips the children to move from concrete to abstract thinking.


The elementary environments are set up as multi-age classrooms: Lower Elementary (children 6 to 9 years) and Upper Elementary (children 9 to 12 years). These group combinations provide many opportunities for social interaction, cooperative learning, and cognitive stimulation. As the children mature during these important periods, they develop strong social connections with their classmates, and learn to collaborate with each other.


The elementary's curriculum includes:


  • Mathematics: arithmetic, geometry, and pre-algebra.

  • Science: geography, astronomy, geology, biology (botany, zoology and anatomy),

  • Language: grammar, language mechanics, spelling, literature, communication skills, writing, reading, and verbal expression).

  • History: from the creation of the universe to the early civilizations, as well as the history of our country.

  • Culture: art, music, dance, foreign languages.

  • Physical Education: given in a non-competitive atmosphere of sports and games that  help develop gross motor coordination and teamwork.       

The students are given freedom of movement, opportunities to reinforce concepts and repeat materials to master the new challenges presented in these levels. The older students, 9 to 12 years, work increasingly with more complex concepts, allowing them to apply their knowledge in many ways. The basic assessment of their progress is evaluated continuously in class through observations by teachers, examples of work, and conferences. Besides this evaluation, the upper elementary students engage in standardized test taking practice to prepare them for their transition to the traditional system.

Lower Elementary

Upper Elementary

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