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Our Admission Process...

We would like to thank you for inquiring about your child's possible enrollment at New World Montessori School.

Please take a look at our school's enrollment process:

  1. Attend a Prospective Parent Seminar - Reach out to the front office to be placed on the list for the next seminar. The front office will reach out to you with the next available date/time. This seminar will allow parents the opportunity to learn about the Montessori model of education, our school policies; it will include a tour of our facilities, and a Q & A session.

  2. Schedule a Parental Classroom Observation - Contact the front office to schedule a class observation, which usually takes place in the morning during school hours.

  3. Schedule a Student Evaluation - The front office will schedule an evaluation which will be conducted after school. The evaluation results will be reviewed by our Academic Coordinator. 

  4. Family Interview - Upon your child's acceptance to our school, a Family Interview will be scheduled between parents and our school Principal.

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